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The Creation of Owl

Hoot hoot. hoot..

These little crochet owls are so fun to make, they just whip up real quick so I end up making a whole bunch of em. These were a hot item at the Christmas Craft show this past December so I thought I’d make a few more.. this time with COTTON! The first time I made them with acrylic but this time I wanted to use something different.

The cotton is simply so much squishier than acrylic and such a joy to work with. Cotton is also plant based material rather than synthetic based- I’m trying to be a little more environmentally friendly these days.

I had to enlist my other half to put on the eyes because they were almost impossible to put on myself. I was actually bruising my thumbs. I did one owl and gave up- good thing I’ve got a someone with strong thumbs around.. I guess that makes them SUPER safety eyes 😉

Check out the progress below !