About Wool Street

Welcome to Wool Street where everything is Cozy, Unique and Handmade in Canada. All items here are hand knit or crocheted with care in every stitch.

Megan Lee from Wool Street wearing hand knit scarf

Everything you’ll see here is handmade by me, Megan Lee.

I’m based just outside of Guelph, Ontario, only an hour’s drive from Toronto.

I discovered knitting while on a trip and vowed to pick up the hobby when I got home, which was in the summer of 2009.

I started my journey with the traditional accessories such as hats and scarves as well as some non-traditional things like mini animals. My first animal project was a little knit pig which my cat ended up adopting as her baby.

I currently knit for a local consignment store in Brampton as well as online here in my shop.

Please visit my blog for updates on my latest projects and follow me on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!

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