Twisty Headband

gold twisty headband

The easiest, mindless knit headband you will ever knit. This is a great stash buster and only uses 35 grams of Aran or bulky wool.

What you need:

Size 5.0 mm needle (US Size 8)

35 grams of Aran or bulky wool.

What to do:

Cast on 18 stitches.

Knit until band measures 17 inches long (or desired length)

Cast off.

Twist headband halfway (not a full turn) and sew together.

Your headband is ready to wear! 

**An alternate option is to slip the first stitch of each row PURLWISE to make the edge look a bit more finished 🙂

Please tag me on Instagram with your finished headbands! @meganlee007

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