Crochet Snake Plant


A free, crochet snake plant pattern that requires no maintenance! If you’re like me, you were not born with a green thumb. I’ve managed to keep a single aloe plant alive for the last year and I’m amazed at myself… but I know it probably won’t last. This is why I wrote this pattern! For all of us who lack gardening skills, I present to you all, the plant that will live forever.

Materials used:

-4 mm crochet hook

-Worsted Weight Scrap yarn- I used gray for the pot, dark brown for the dirt, and both light and green yarn for the leaves.

-Tapestry needle

-Stitch marker


*This pattern is crocheted in spirals except for the leaves which are worked flat.

Make the Pot:

1. sc 6 in magic ring (6)

2. *inc * repeat around (12)

3. *sc, inc* repeat (18)

4. *sc 2, inc* repeat (24)

5. *sc 3, inc* repeat (30)

6. *sc 4, inc* repeat (36)

7. hdc around through back loop only (36)

8-15 hdc around through the THIRD loop. If you are new to this concept, please see the video below:

Pattern continued…

16. Switch to dark brown (dirt colour) and then *sc 4, dec* repeat around (30)

17. *sc 3, dec* repeat around (24)

18. *sc 2, dec* repeat around (18)

Insert safety eyes between rows 12 and 13 and begin to fill with polyfill or plastic pellets. I used pellets.

19. *sc 1, dec* repeat around (12)

20. dec around (6), finish off and sew hole closed.

Make the Leaves- make 6 or desired number of leaves:

1. With light green colour, chain 6, leaving a long tail to sew the leaf onto the pot.

2-10. hdc across starting in the second chain from hook, ch1, turn. (5)

11. dc, sc, dc, ch1, turn (3)

12. dec 3 together and finish off. (1)

Switch to dark green colour and sc evenly around 3 sides of the leaf.

Weave in ends of all leaves, except for the long tail you left at the beginning.

In order to help the leaves stand up a bit, hold 3 together like a fan with the centre leaf in front of the other 2 and sew them together with a few stitches where they meet. I sewed them together about three-quarters of the way up.

Pin the leaves to the pot and sew them all on using the long tail from the beginning. Do the same with the second row of leaves.

Enjoy your immortal plant!

Please tag me on Instagram with your finished plant! @meganlee007

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