Madeleine Coomey Yarn Bowl

Madeleine Coomey Yarn Bowl
Madeleine Coomey Yarn Bowl

I want to share my latest addition to my collection of yarn bowls. It’s just too pretty to keep to myself.

Madeleine Coomey made this bowl and is a Canadian potter based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Along with yarn bowls, she makes gorgeous mugs, plates and some funky dishes.

Funky Dish

The yarn bowls feature cute cut out hearts which are a staple in her bowl designs. The yarn bowl is sturdy and has a bit of a curved lip to keep the yarn from bouncing out if you pull too hard. The cut out section where the string goes is the perfect size as well, it can accommodate sock weight yarn to chunky no problem!

The one I chose has a blue flowery motif adhered to it which reminds me of ancient Chinese pottery. I love how are timeless they are. The neutral colour of the bowl is nice and will look great wherever you choose to use it.

view of cut out hearts on yarn bowl
close up of flowers on yarn bowl

If flowers aren’t for you, Madeleine has some solid colour patterns to choose from as well!

Her materials of choice are ceramic and granite. If you ask me the granite bowls are stunning and boast the same heart motif as the ceramic bowls. Madeleine is a true artiste at work.

Check out her bowls here!

Happy knitting and crocheting!


-Megan Lee

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