Easy Crochet Circle Purse

Easy Crochet Circle Purse

Ready to take that first step into making some accessories? This easy crochet circle purse is quick and simple and will sure get some requests from your friends to make them one too.

crochet circle purse on a mannequin

It’s great for those busy summer days and wedding celebrations.

The finished size is 10 inches in diameter.

What You’ll Need:

– 10mm crochet hook

– Hooked Zpaggetti (super bulky yarn) 60 meters/ 66 yards

– Tapestry Needle

The Pattern

Let’s go!

*Please note, all increases will be done with dc stitch when you’re making the 2 purse halves and in hdc when joining the halves*

First half of the purse:

  1. Make a magic loop, ch3, dc 12 in magic loop, sl st to first dc made (12 dc)
  2. ch3, 2dc in each st around, sl st to first dc made (24 dc)
  3. ch3, *dc, inc* repeat to end, sl st to first dc made (36 dc)
  4. ch3, *dc 2, inc* repeat to end, sl st to first dc made (48 dc)
  5. STRAPS: ch 70 st (or more if you would like longer straps, test as you go along), skip 10 st, sl st into next st and fasten off

Second half of the purse:

  1. Follow the same instructions for the first half of the purse but DO NOT FASTEN OFF

*Here you are going to stop what you’re doing and weave in the ends of the purse halves. It will be difficult to do later when the purse is put together.*

Joining the 2 halves:

Hold halves together with right sides facing out, line up the straps so they are aligned.

Insert your hook into the next stitch and also through the stitch on the back half.

inserting crochet hook through both halves

Make a slip stitch.

You will work the remaining stitches through both halves of the purse:

*3 hdc, inc* repeat 8 times.

3 hdc, sl st (in the same stitch as the beginning of the strap) and fasten off.

Weave in remaining ends.

You can line your purse with fabric if you wish.



-Megan Lee

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