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Summer Stitchin’

Summer is a time for sipping drinks, sitting by the lake and soaking up the sun. I try to do this as often as I can because I know it’s not going to last forever. Soon the winter will be upon us and I’ll be back to curling up under blankets and knitting sweaters.. but enough about the cold.

I’ve been keeping my hands busy this summer making purses and beach bags. My latest adventure has been making market bags. We all know how important taking care of the planet is and with one simple change we can make all the difference. I chose super soft cotton yarn to make these, it’s so soft and dreamy.

Taking just one of these bags to the grocery store or farmer’s market can save up to 30 plastic bags a year. So you can imagine how many you save if you use 2 or even 3!

I made 3 crochet style bags and 2 knitted ones to far. Head over to the shop to see my knit bags- you will have to visit ReStyle in Brampton to see the crochet ones 🙂

3 Crochet market bags pictured with 3 different coloured bottoms. Aqua, turquoise and purple.
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The Creation of Owl

Hoot hoot. hoot..

These little crochet owls are so fun to make, they just whip up real quick so I end up making a whole bunch of em. These were a hot item at the Christmas Craft show this past December so I thought I’d make a few more.. this time with COTTON! The first time I made them with acrylic but this time I wanted to use something different.

The cotton is simply so much squishier than acrylic and such a joy to work with. Cotton is also plant based material rather than synthetic based- I’m trying to be a little more environmentally friendly these days.

I had to enlist my other half to put on the eyes because they were almost impossible to put on myself. I was actually bruising my thumbs. I did one owl and gave up- good thing I’ve got a someone with strong thumbs around.. I guess that makes them SUPER safety eyes 😉

Check out the progress below !